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Woolly Aussie Footwarmers are a unique woolen sock made from 100% Australian wool. Perfect for lounging on the couch, sleeping in bed, as travel socks or diabetic socks, our Footwarmers keep your feet toasty warm naturally. Foot Warmers originated in the shearing sheds of the Australian Snowy Mountains as a way for the shearers to keep their feet warm as they worked. Strapping a piece of wool to their feet became a perfect substitute for wet boots as the wool kept their feet warm and dry. Today, Woolly Aussie Foot Warmers have used the shearer\'s wisdom to create a fleecy woollen slipper that will keep your feet warm and comfortable while allowing them to breathe. Foot Warmers are perfect for people who suffer from cold feet or poor circulation as bed-socks, travel-socks and inserts. In fact, whenever you need warm cozy feet, let our real merino wool wrap your feet in softness, while naturally wicking away moisture, in a way that no other product in the world can. As the best of both worlds, Footwarmers are much thicker and luscious than socks but they can go where slippers never could. Great for lounging on the couch, or even sleeping in bed, now your feet can enjoy the ultimate in itch-free comfort, warmth and softness anywhere you like. The insides of the Natural Woolly Aussie Footwarmers are made from 100% Australian Merino Wool. The super soft wool is stitched into an outer fabric of cotton for durability, joined by a stretch ribbing around the ankle, which makes them easy to hold in place. The natural Footwarmer is a lovely off-white colour with white ribbing and packaged in a recycled cardboard sleeve.

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